Tuesday 1 October 2013

Guest Post - Syngenta Juvenile CP Squad - Guest Post

This month marks the one year anniversary of our first cerebral palsy football event.  Within that year we have gone from strength to strength gaining the support from the SFA and Scottish disability Sport.  Both of these are very exciting, but not as exciting as the players becoming the first ambulant cerebral palsy grass roots football team in Scotland. To celebrate our 1 year anniversary the players were presented with their Syngenta Juvenile kits representing full integration to the Syngenta Juvenile family. 

Our team is unique, every person involved understands the daily struggles involved with having cerebral palsy and during training sessions these difficulties disappear.  The focus here at little Kerse, where we train, is on ability, team work and recognising individuals strengths. Training involves working hard developing and learning new skills, learning about the clubs history, game practice and most importantly having fun.   There is fantastic skill and commitment demonstrated every month but most importantly there is always laughter. We may well have some future stars here and finally they have the platform to shine.

Anyone interested in finding out more about playing football with a "disability" should follow the appropriate link:

Scottish Football Association
Welsh Football Trust

For an overview of the various team structures together with details of teams throughout the UK, try disability football.  And if all you want to do is go watch football then the try Level Playing Field in England and Wales of the club direct in Scotland.

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