Saturday 8 March 2014

Winter Paralympics - Now You Try

The winter paralympics have started and at the time of writing UK already has a medal.  If your children are inspired to have a go at any of the sports then have a look at the links below for more information:


Sledge Rugby

Ice skating
 Most rinks have specific sessions for wheelchair users and you should contact your local rink for specific times.

Sunday 2 March 2014

"I cannot resist, I must draw"

The quote from Beatrix Potter sums up E's love of drawing.  She's always looking to find ways to create pictures and is now making line drawings using her communication device.   She still loves to draw on paper though and it's our solutions to this that I thought would be worth sharing.

The biggest issue we have is keeping the paper in place while drawing.  Pressure comes both from the drawing hand and the spare hand pulling and crumpling the paper.  We tried a Dycem mat, but it was too soft to draw on,  we tried blue tack but it didn't bond to the table and we tried selotape but then you have selotape all over your drawing.

Our solution, the post-it note.  

We have used successfully for a number of years 3Ms post-it sketch and stick pad for kids.  This is white A4 paper with post-it sticky along the top shorter edge.  It keeps the paper in place a treat and can be used either way up so making the majority of the paper available for drawing.  Unfortunately 3M no longer sell it in the UK (but do in the US) but it can sometime be found on ebay and Amazon for a reasonable price.


We have also tried an alternative giant sticky note.  This is a square of yellow paper with sticky along one edge.  It works well even if it is a little big and can also be used either way up.  This is a bit more expensive and can be found at both Amazon and the Present Finder. 

Giant Sticky
3M also have an A4 super sticky (whole sheet) in a collection of bright colours but this is currently only available in the US so we haven't yet had the opportunity to test it out.

Please do share what solutions you have come up with.