Saturday 8 November 2014

Planning for Transition - Pause to Reflect

As you will know from following the blog, we have been almost three years in getting things in place for E going to high school in August 2015.   I’ve worked with an excellent team of therapists, experts and teachers all through primary which has given E a truly successful start to her education.    

Now with the high school chosen and a shared primary school placement in place and working well we are on the final leg of this transition.  Every aspect of the school process is being looked at:

  • ·         School, classroom and activity accessibility
  • ·         Full curriculum access
  • ·         Assessment both formative and summative
  • ·         Teaching styles, approaches and resources
  • ·         Social networks
  • ·         Personal care

We have both been involved in shaping this.  E has worked with the staff at school to create  a set of videos showing her learning and sharing in the classroom and I have met with the existing team and the high school to help create the vision and detail that we are aiming for in August and beyond.

Both myself and E are finding this the hardest parts of whole process.    E is being reminded almost daily that high school is just around the corner and she’s nervous about it. I’m nervous about it too, what parent isn’t.   In addition, I’m having to trust a new group of people who I don’t know well and who don’t know E .   

How we manage this I’m not totally sure but here are a few things we are doing:

  • ·         Encouraging E to talk openly to her friends already at high school about their experience
  • ·         Having monthly update meetings with the school against a project plan I’ve help shape.
  • ·         Having regular discussions with the current team to ensure that everyone is working from the same page.

The final key to keep the stress levels down during this final stage is to remember  that success  does not need perfection and hiccups both mine and the school can be fixed as we go.