Sunday 17 August 2014

Opportunity Sports

As you will know, the focus of this blog is very much on inclusion.  It is often difficult however for our children to fully take part in mainstream sport activities.  Also, if they are skilled in an activity and want to take it further, the route to more serious sport is very much differentiated.  As a result, many of the sport activities we do are specifically for those with additional support needs.

On the blog, there has already been posts  on riding, cp football and skiing and over the next few months plan to further  posts on special swimming groups and Boccia.  If your child attends any sport or activity group not covered and you would like to do a guest post on it please message me.

If you are looking for a sport activity for your child then I strongly recommend you contact your local area disability sports group.  These come under the overall umbrella of ScottishDisability sports and support people with disabilities at all levels of their activity from entry up to Paralympic and commonwealth games levels.   

We live in Fife and the organisation there run grass roots boccia, swimming and other activities while at the same time supporting top competitors such as Kieran Steer (Boccia)and Craig Rodgie (swimming) achieving their goals.  The team are very approachable and will offer support in finding an activity that is most assessable for your child and give advice and help in finding any specialist equipment that may be needed.  Further information and their current timetable of events can be found here.

Within the Edinburgh area, many activities are coordinated through High Flyers, with Edinburgh Liesure and you can get contact details for this here.

You will find details of what’s on in your local area on the Scottish Disability sports website here  For more detailed information about each group, check your local council sports and leisure website.