Sunday 15 June 2014

Planning for transition – Know people before she gets there

The high school we have chosen is not the feeder school for our primary.  Going to a school where you know no one is difficult for any child but if you also have a different method of communication then extra help is needed.  So through out the P7 year we will be creating opportunities for E to meet, spend time and create connections with other P7 children going to the same high school.

The first step in that was to arrange for E to start going one day a week to a feeder primary.  As an opening to this, E prepared and delivered a power point presentation to the class and hosted a question and answer session afterwards.

For the power point, she wrote and designed the slides herself and I think presented a good account of herself.

In the question and answer session afterwards she was awesome.  Every question was given a fully considered response and as always, she typed full sentences into her communication device.  It was I think brilliant as it let the other children and the class teacher see how E uses the device, how long it takes to type an answer and the difference between thinking time and typing time.

She’s now going there one day a week and seems to be settling in well and making new friends. 

Monday 2 June 2014


We’ve all had times when it seems like we struggle from one crisis to another.  Somehow you get through it and are still smiling at the end.  The last few months have been a bit like that for us with E being knocked down and getting a skull fracture followed by me being dizzy for a week and a half followed by health and safety paper work and decisions going mad.  .

I thought it worth reflecting on the resilience needed to deal with these times and what we can do as individuals to nurture our own. 

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from the events and crises that happen.  It comes from within and  comprises of  adaptability, self-control, self-sufficiency,  optimism and persistence.    Although for some this comes naturally, you will be pleased to know there are things we can do to strengthen and develop  our own resilience.  There is plenty of advice out there on how to do this and you may be aware of what areas your feel need most development for you. Here are some of the ideas I found .


  • Accept what’s happening
  • Embrace change by by trying new things  and being continually curious
  • Find a way to develop your creative side.

Self-conrol and Self-suffiency

  • Set aside time for you to look after yourself
  • Maintain a good social life
  • Never talk yourself down


  • Interrupt negative thoughts with positive ones
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Fake feeling optimistic until it becomes a habit.


  • Take action
  • Reflect on past actions and their outcomes
  • Develop an arsenal of problem solving technique

I think it’s easy to let some things slip and maybe not notice until you need it.  I’m going to try and use this to measure my own strengths against and work to develop some of them. For me the first focus is on looking after myself and maintaining that social circle so expect me at a book group near you soon. 

There is also recommendations that having a mentor is helpful.  If anyone is interested in either mentor or mentee let me know and we can perhaps get some pairings together.