Sunday 15 June 2014

Planning for transition – Know people before she gets there

The high school we have chosen is not the feeder school for our primary.  Going to a school where you know no one is difficult for any child but if you also have a different method of communication then extra help is needed.  So through out the P7 year we will be creating opportunities for E to meet, spend time and create connections with other P7 children going to the same high school.

The first step in that was to arrange for E to start going one day a week to a feeder primary.  As an opening to this, E prepared and delivered a power point presentation to the class and hosted a question and answer session afterwards.

For the power point, she wrote and designed the slides herself and I think presented a good account of herself.

In the question and answer session afterwards she was awesome.  Every question was given a fully considered response and as always, she typed full sentences into her communication device.  It was I think brilliant as it let the other children and the class teacher see how E uses the device, how long it takes to type an answer and the difference between thinking time and typing time.

She’s now going there one day a week and seems to be settling in well and making new friends. 

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  1. My goodness, she is a clever girl. Good luck with the move to your new school!