Sunday 16 June 2013

Fun Time Resources – Playing Cards

Sometimes in the midst of therapy, work, independent living skills practice and housework, E and I  just stop to have fun.   For us (following family tradition) that can  often involve playing cards.   
When it’s not just the two of us, then E and I will play together me holding the cards and discussing tactics together before a move is made.  If it’s just the two of us, then she needs to play her own hand.  Like any child, the level of game she is able to play and make decision on has changed over the years and we have a great wee solution that works from an early age, giving independence in deciding what card to be played.

There are a good selection of resources available for holding playing cards .  The one we chose was a table top design that allows the cards to be placed in a row, although 7 cards do need an overlap.  I love that we can have a proper game of cards without me ever having to see her hand. 

The cards can be placed in the holder without me looking at them, though it took a while to get the best spacing.  Then to play cards, we use a combination of eye gaze from E and pointing from me to select the card she wants.  The cards face her and I see only the back.  She can then narrow down which card by looking either to the right, the left or the middle.  From there, I point at the cards in that vicinity and she will say yes (verbally or physically) when I get to the one she wants to play.  

What E sees

What I see

The stand can also be used for picture based card games and the method of selection can be adapted to suit the communication methods appropriate to the child.  We’ve found it to be sturdy not toppling even on train journeys.  It can hold around 10 cards with overlap.

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  1. Happy memories of Daddy and Nana enjoying playing cards at 405, but also arguing about the rules of Solo.