Friday 12 July 2013

Out and About

With the school holidays upon us we are travelling further afield and looking for many different things to do.  This is the first of a series of posts on making being out easier or just having fun.


I’m sure we’ve all been there “mum I need a wee” while in a place you don’t know  or travelling to somewhere.  I’ll admit I do little in the way of forward planning for such eventualities but I think there is benefit in knowing where to find  the nearest disabled toilet.  

  • RADAR Key
We got this for travelling as its use is more prevalent away from our local area.  You can purchase one from the RADAR SHOP   They also have an app to help you locate these

  • Changing Places Toilets

For toilets that meet the needs of all with disabilities, PAMIS have a leaflet detailing  all the locations in Scotland .  Also CLOS-O-MAT has a map covering the whole of the UK .  And the Changing Places  website has a really handy post-code search tool. 

  • London

Now it really needs a list all of its own.  The volunteers in London last year were using an app to find disabled toilets for people.  The first time it directed us to a disabled toilet within a COSTA store and we had no difficulties using it without buying anything.  There are now a few available in the app store, Inclusive London  and London Access  being two with good feedback.

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