Friday 19 July 2013

Out and About - At the swings

There is nothing more fun in this hot weather than a visit to some swings according to E (having to push for over an hour I’m not so sure).

Many play parks have a basket swing which they deem as inclusive for all.  E agrees that she enjoys these swings and can share them with some others.  I don’t like them so much.  They feel a bit unsafe, are difficult to lift her in and out of and don’t really give the same experience and benefits of an upright swing.

The alternative that I have seen in a few places in an upright seated swing made by SMP .  This is similar to a special needs swing that you may get for your own garden.  In this type of swing, E can use her standing transfer skills to get in and out, gets a full swinging experience, is able to feel her body in space and has to work on her head and trunk control.
 I’ve spoken to a few park departments who acknowledge that these swings are inclusive for all but there are a number of factors that are stopping their widespread use.  Firstly they are more prone to vandalism as they have a bigger area to damage and also in some cases they cannot share a swing frame with another swing.  They also require a harness for safe use.
 All that said there are a number of them out there.  I’m still waiting to hear back from a number of councils but so far the list is:

  • North Queensferry, Fife.  Top play park.  There is no harness available but you can buy your own from SMP
  •  Edinburgh.  Magnet Play area at the Meadows.  There are two here but I am not aware of any harness.
  • Monifieth, Angus.  Blueseaway Play Area.  There are two harnesses available from the sports centre.
  • Forfar, Angus.  Lochside play park.  There is a harness available from the toilets.
  • Cumbernauld. Palacerigg Country Park.
  • North Berwick.  

I am putting together a more comprehensive list of accessible play park equipment, but in the meantime please add any you know about  either on the blog or the facebook page.


  1. So pleased to stumble on your blog. I'll try to share with others vis the SEN Britmums round-up.

  2. This is great! Although my wee girl is only small we still look for parks with equipment she can use. Most of it (apart from the basket swings) is not really suitable for her. Many thanks for this!

  3. Glad you are finding the posts useful. The aim is to try and share as much information as possible