Thursday 15 May 2014

Music Makers

It was with some excitement that we read in the Enable Young Families Support Network newsletter  details of music sessions for children and young adults (age 6 - 20) with additional support needs.

Play On music sessions  are run by Paragon Music in partnership with ENABLE Scotland and Strathclyde University.  The sessions give everyone an opportunity to try a variety of instruments and create a piece to play together in public performance.  For those who find an instrument they particularly like, there is also the opportunity to take that further. The instruments they teach include piano, bass, guitar,drums,  percussion and saxophone.  Students get the opportunity to work their way round the instruments finding the one that suits them best.

The sessions currently run in Glasgow in 6 week blocks with each class lasting 3 hours.  The most recent block started on 10 May.  The sessions are open to all and cost £5 per session you are asked to pre book.    The next block is planned to start in the early autumn of this year.  The great things is that family members can also join in the group sessions too if they want and enjoy making music with their siblings/parents - there's no charge for family members because the sessions are primarily aimed at the young person with additional support needs.

We have not yet attended the classes but have a session booked for 31 May and hope to tell you more after that.

Paragon are an inclusive music group.  They identified noticeable lack of opportunity within schools for children with ASN to take up an instrument.  in schools.  Through obtaining funding and support from a variety of sources, they set up these classes to meet that need.  In addition, they are also looking to support music teachers/ instrument instructors to develop the skills and confidence to teach children with ASN to play an instrument too.

If you want to know more please contact Paragon Music directly. 

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