Saturday 10 May 2014


If your child wears splints then you probably know the slight feeling of dread when they get a new pair. Immediately shoes don't fit and so starts the hunt for splints friendly shoes.

Based on our past experience I can recommend kids kickers, Lelly Kelly s and if all else fails pull the insole out.  I know you will all have your own recommendations and please do share.

However for a girl of 11 you want more than to pick shoes that fit. There's a shop full of shoes that you can't even look at and just once in a while it would be fun to get shoes purely on look.  Well today we did it, managed to fit splints into a pair of vans - purrfect

So come join in the hashtag and share your #shoesandsplints pics, whether they are functional, stylish or anything in between. That way we will all know where to look the next time new shoes are needed

1 comment:

  1. Converse fit well both high tops and plimsoll style x