Sunday 19 May 2013

An easy drink – part 2

So drinking from a cup now sorted we need to move on to other ways to drink both assisted and unassisted.

Assisted first.  Like most people, we have always used sports bottles or recycled soft drinks bottles but they are still messy and difficult to manage as they require really precise mouth closure and teeth positioning.  Then we found the Camelbak eddy (we use the kids version).  It works really well even for a weak suck as the liquid stays in the straw and valve.  To help with this, I always start with it filled to the top and have never let it go less than half full.

Now for unassisted.  I scoured the internet looking for hands free drinking and discovered the fitsip.    It is a plastic water bag that goes inside a lightweight sleeve that you wear on your forearm .

Designed for small drinks while running, it has a soft  bite valve and as it lies flat, no long distance to suck.  E’s sign for a drink involves bringing her hand to her mouth so we were half way there and once it was all set up, success.  Unassisted drinking!!!!!!!!!

We’ve still got some practice to do to get it fully right as its still a bit messy at times.  Me not to overfill and E not to over drink but she loves it. 

The water bottle part only holds 200ml so it will never be a full day solution but it’s certainly an everyday solution, ideal when we are out for a walk or in the car.

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