Tuesday 28 May 2013

Planning for Transition – Questions, Questions, Questions

So with meetings lined up with three high schools, I needed to turn my vision of inclusion into something to drive discussion and decision making.   I like structure and colour so used my mind mapping software to map out all the things that I need to know about,

I shared this with the educational psychologist who would be accompanying me on these visits.  I think it’s important to be open and up front about what you want and I have learned to trust and rely on the ed psych.

From this he prepared a discussion list to be shared with the schools prior to the visit.  I reviewed it and made small amendments before it was sent.  To be honest it was helpful to have someone to put it into a summary as even though  I work in a school I found it daunting.

So now some questions.  Have you gone through this or other stage transition?  What questions would you ask?  Is there any improvements you could suggest to me?

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