Saturday 11 May 2013


The aim of this blog is to be a source of information and ideas, sharing of experiences, solutions and thoughts and general support for families of children with additional support needs.    The content will I think seem a bit eclectic but is all based around the theme of making life easy.  I plan to share practical solutions to every day issues (both our own and others), our journey in inclusive education, ideas and contacts for activities and some general information to help support parents/carers.    Guest posts will be actively encouraged.

I myself have a daughter with cerebral palsy.  She cannot sit, stand or walk without support and uses an augmented communication device.  Throughout her life I’ve tried to keep to the principle of we are all born “in” and she’s now old enough and articulate enough to express the desire to be in her words “normal”.

Finding ways to achieve this has not always been easy but when solutions are found it’s always a delight to have them work.   Not being very practical, I often have to rely on others to help build solutions and wanted to help share the ideas that others have shared with me.  I also hope to get some input from adults with additional support needs with the hope that their present will help in creating a picture of our child’s future

My daughter has been in mainstream education since the start of formal education and we are now looking for a high school for her.  Even though I am a teacher myself, I have found this quite a daunting process and very emotional at times.  I am keen to share this journey partly to pay back the support I got from the Inclusive Learning Network when my daughter was starting nursery and partly to get the ideas and input of others.

The press has been full today of the pressures that carers are under and that this can lead to bouts  of depression.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much to ease a pressure point and I want to share some of the things that have worked for me from simple planning tools and apps, money saving to the “perks” of going to events with a wheelchair user.


  1. Sonia - So nice that you set up this blog! Thank you for sharing with me! RETA.

  2. Really good blog, think it could be a great support for other parents and families.

  3. Brilliant blog, so glad you have set it up here is Scotland!! I go to a group with my Daughter (in West Lothian) for children with additional needs and I will certainly be telling the other mothers about your blog. Our children are younger than Eilidh (my Daughter is 18 months) but it is great to hear from a Mother who has been through what we are going through!!

    Your sentiments about inclusion ring true with me and it is good to hear such positive words!

    Thank you!!

  4. Marisa,

    I'm really pleased you like the blog and have found it useful. please do share it with your group. Also if there is anything specific you want to know about, do ask and I can perhaps feature a post on it.